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Information Society Academy

Information Society Academy is a coaching offered by industry-leading expert organizations. It is aimed for societal decision makers in Finland.

Information Society Academy delves into the digital dimension of current legislation projects and seeks for information society’s direction past industry borders.

The participants of Information Society Academy’s coachings are invited.

Information Society Academy is organized by TIEKE The Finnish Information Society Development Centre in collaboration with expert organizations.

Seven thesis

It is time for Finland to claim its place on the top of information society development. On the foundation of the technology-driven old information society we need to build a new and humanly sustainable information society which is based on sociability, visuality and communications, and which applies to everything – and everyone.

#1 The ownership of the new information society belongs to the citizens
#2 The abolition of industry borders
#3 More transparency
#4 A more humane information society
#5 A new management culture
#6 Risk tolerance as a national resource
#7 Utilization of knowledge